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Security Camera

Having adequate security is a vital consideration for a lot of people these days, and closed circuit television, or CCTV security systemsas they are more commonly known, provide a reliable and affordable option for protecting your family, home and workplace. Whether you are a business owner or simply looking to safeguard your home, loved ones or privacy - the right security camera work wonders.

With anti-social behaviour and crime being a constant threat it’s vital that you can protect your property and your livelihood, and investing in appropriate security devices should be at the top of your home security agenda. While there are a range of systems that you can go for, one of the most efficient has got to be CCTV security cameras to ensure that everything is under control and easily monitored at all times. Alarm systems are good when you are away but home security cameras offer protection when you are at home and away. You can view from anywhere in the world and it offers a real peace-of-mind.

Night Vision Dome Cameras

Night Vision CCTV Dome cameras are available for Internal and External use. Night Vision internal units are generally manufactured in plastic housings. Night Vision Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras can be used in both Internal and External areas and offer weather protection in addition to a more rugged metal casing. The Infra-Red range of Security Camera defines its general operational limits which should be considered in addition to the angle of view that is required. DDS provide both Fixed focal lenses and Vari-focal lenses for greater flexibility.

Data & Voice Cabling

Whether you want to add new data/voice circuits to your existing building or wire a new office complex, Goldiwell Enterprise Inc. can help. Typically, we run plenum rated CAT6 cables for data and CAT5 for voice. A typical "drop" includes cable, termination, wall jacks, labeling and testing. We pride ourselves on neatly organized cables, properly printed (& accurate!) labeling and cleaning up our mess!

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